2016 Viognier Nouveau

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Viognier Nouveau brings you Viognier at its freshest. Fermented in stainless steel and bottled early, this wine captures the vibrancy of the Viognier fruit in all its youthful glory. Heaps of flavour without heaviness. Drink it now.
12.5% Alc/vol


I reckon Clonakilla is onto something with this slipstreamed style, destined for, well, now, very youthful consumption.

Smells righteous in just-ripe apricot, lemon blossom, steel. In the palate, a touch too steely-tanky, a little rugged with bristling acidity,

Smells righteous

but pulls off light apricot and apricot kernel characters and that zing of acidity means refreshment time finishes the wine. DNA of viognier means there’s a bit of richness even in the body of a lighter, fresher style. Good drink.

Mike Bennie

Super fresh and frisky and, in general, keen to put any preconceived ideas of 'varietal character' far behind it.

Drinking pleasure? A good deal of it.

There are stone fruit, spice, apple blossom and citrus flavours here and they march straight on with the job: nothing heady, nothing oily, nothing in your face. Drinking pleasure? A good deal of it.

Campbell Mattinson - Wine Companion

Vibrant, fresh and

eminently slurpable

Great drinking from Clonakilla Wines.

Winsor Dobbin

Viognier Nouveau