2018 Viognier Nouveau

Price: $25


Viognier Nouveau brings you Viognier at its freshest. Fermented in stainless steel and bottled early, this wine captures the vibrancy of the Viognier fruit in all its youthful glory. Heaps of flavour without heaviness. Drink it now.
13% Alc/vol


Two varietal viogniers are released by Clonakilla each year; this is the fresher/bottled early version.

like taking a bite of summer at its best

It smells both delightful and delicious. Really sets the mood. Fruits, both floral and ripe, float fleshy and free. Fresh apricot rather than apricot jam, if that makes sense. It’s like taking a bite of summer at its best, before it’s become just a bit too much. Lovely wine. Unpretentious in the best of ways.

Campbell Mattinson

Viognier Nouveau